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Buying a property (either an investment or an owner occupied) can be a real challenge. We see clients go out by themselves (searching, attend open homes week after week and going to auctions) to try and buy property without any assistance. The problem is, they are up against real estate agents who do this day in, day out and know how to get top dollar out of the buyers…. 
If these clients knew what I know, they would not try to do it themselves…… I mean, think about it. As a buyer (often being a property novice) you are up against a skilled / trained professional. It is like me stepping into the ring to go for a few rounds with Mike Tyson! Not a good idea.
So to level the playing field, you need an assistant which in real estate is a buyers agent. A professional in your corner to help you navigate the game and help you secure your dream home. Yes, they cost some money but they save you time and might also save you money by securing a home at a fair price, sometimes off market or pre auction. That is what they do.
The problem is, it is not a concept many Australians are comfortable with (yet). So how do I tell you about it without making you feel that I am selling to you?
So rather than doing the hard sell, let me share some feedback from some of a certain property company’s clients. Have a read and see what difference it made to their family home / investment property purchase,

Case #1 – Inner West Homebuyer

Location: Inner West

Buyer type: Homebuyer

The Brief:

A couple who intended to buy their first home within a 30-minute drive of the city. The property had to be within a 15-minute walk to the Harbour, which their number one requirement. They wanted a house that has at least three bedrooms and parking.

Clients’ Comments:

My wife and I both work full-time and have been saving for our first home for years. When COVID struck, we were finally able to save our deposit. We debated whether or not to postpone our ambition of purchasing our first house during this period of uncertainty. We opted to hire a buyer’s agent at this point. We worked with a real estate broker and found him to be a steady, calm presence. He walked us through the entire process, from defining our search criteria to shortlisting options and finally exchanging information (all of which happened within a month). He gave us competent advice, asked the proper questions, and immediately figured out what we were looking for.

He was patient with us, showing us numerous types of homes in various places while also moderating our expectations. He discovered the home we desired as we revised our concept and negotiated everything to our satisfaction. We found him to be responsive and interesting, as well as a wealth of real estate knowledge. Nick is someone I would suggest to other property newbies like us!

Buyers Agent’s Comments:

Working with the clients made their property requirements a lot more attainable because they were open to new ideas and were realistic. Our communication were really efficient and helpful. They believed that working with me was the best method to buy their first home because they are very busy and don’t have enough time and  we are property professionals with market experience who can help them find the greatest property.

I presented them with a Riverview property after looking at a few properties in the Inner West, mainly around the Balmain area. They hadn’t considered this site before, but they liked the land and the fact that they could stroll to a section of the harbour from it. The property also offered the possibility of future expansion, which contributed to its value. I was able to negotiate a really reasonable deal for them, which was at the very bottom of their budget range. They informed me six months later that the bank’s revaluation was $150,000 higher than the purchase price.

Case #2 – Northern Beaches Homebuyer

Location: Northern Beaches

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Client’s Comments:

The buyer agent was recommended to us. With the current state of the market in Sydney, we were encouraged to use a buyer agent, and he was highly recommended. We were not disappointed; He was competent, knew a lot about the North Shore / Northern Beaches market, and had a lot of connections with vendors’ agents all over the beaches. His plan was crucial to us getting the house we did, and it was also a lot of fun. I would really suggest it!

Property Agent’s Comments:

This couple and their three children were looking for a property in the Northern Beaches for their family. They were limited in their choices this year due to the market’s rise, but their flexibility and desire to renovate over time allowed them to find a fantastic house with great potential and, most significantly, in a great location, close to stores, schools, and parks. It was a pleasure assisting such a nice couple in achieving a fantastic result in obtaining a property that will offer them joy for many years.

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