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Thank you for considering Micah Finance Solutions for your finance and wealth plans. We are excited to see how we can help you get to your goals!

Our experience in the finance and investment industry has given us a real passion for one simple thing:

  • Helping our clients create income for life

This is not a revolutionary concept. But what we see is that many people misunderstand it or do not act on it. Execution is where this falls down. The steps are below, have a look and see where you would fit in that.

  1. We start with getting a job to pay for the things we need (and want). Food, housing, transport etc. The more things we want or need, the higher the pay from that job needs to be. (Or, stated as it happens for many people) the higher our salary, the more things we need and want….
  2. The second step is using the income from that job to buy assets. Often a home for the family, sometimes an investment property or a share portfolio.
  3. The third step is to use those assets to create an income for life. With an investment property that would be the rent, with a share portfolio that could be dividend. The important part is to work on building income streams from these assets that can replace your salary at some point.

The journey starts at a different point for everyone. For some that is a money management plan, for others a (better) mortgage or a finance restructure or an investment plan. For others still it might be adding assets or restructuring to maximize the income stream from those assets. We are looking forward to finding out what that is for you.

This page outlines our passion, our services and our commitment to you. Whether you are a seasoned investor or this is your first toe in the finance waters, lets us help you make sense of it. You are often dealing with big numbers and long term commitments so you want to get this right!


Erik Reurts, Micah Finance

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The Passion

We have been in finance for 15+ years. We have seen clients with million dollar wealth and we have seen people struggle.

I remember one particular lady who was a single mum. She earned a modest income but boy was she clever with money! From the small means she had, she diligently set something aside every week and made it grow. $100 became $1000 and $1000 became a home deposit. From there she went on to build an investment portfolio that -in time- replaced her income many times over. She understood the power of compound interest. From earning a wage she put her money to work and built wealth.

This was a pivotal moment for me and I decided then that was what I wanted our service offering to be. Over the years we have added and refined that to be what it is today. A path to wealth:

  1. Money management. Know your net income and expenses to create monthly positive cash flow
  2. Use that cash flow to buy assets
  3. Use your assets to create income streams that can replace your income from employment (job or self employed income)

And that in a nutshell is what we do every day. Share what we have learned and our clients stories. Our passion is to show you how that can be done for you and help you. How to put money to work and make it multiply. Helping you understand it and make it grow.

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The Journey

You need to get the basics right. Have positive cash flow and have some protection in place. Get your debts under control. Then we can start looking at putting some money aside for investing or a home deposit.

Money management - invest - cash flow for life

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Our Commitment

Money management - invest - cash flow for life

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The Team

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