I often get clients coming to me with a request for a better rate

And it is a great request. Of course you want to save money, why pay $… for something if you can get it for less.

HOWEVER, It does raise a question. Why are you after a better rate? What is your end goal? What plans do you have with the money you save?

Because as much as saving money on your mortgage is a good thing, it should also be part of a bigger plan. Like paying off the mortgage sooner or freeing up funds to do ….

You need to Save-save the money

First, you find a way to pay less for what you need. Secondly, you need to do something with the money you saved. Otherwise it will just disappear into everyday expenses. If it’s there, you will use it is my experience.

And that is a conversation I would love to have

What are your drivers for this planned better rate? And can I show you some tools to help you achieve that. (and in case you are wondering, it is not just about property investing. There is other tools available to help you)

Lets have a talk about that.