Before you invest in properties, you need to know where you are at and where you are headed.

The Futures Model, created by Simon Bowen, is a great way to depict the different financial paths available to you.

Type 1: On the drift

These are those who spend more than they make. They’ll retire with a lot of debt and have to rely on the government for support.

Type 2: Unfocused

They may purchase one owner-occupied property, but they have no true retirement objectives or plans. They may be able to pay off their primary residence, but they will not have a comfortable retirement.

Type 3: Those who have made ‘some’ decisions

These are people who have made some decisions. They may purchase one or two properties and retire comfortably. They’ve made the correct judgments, invested, and educated themselves along the way, so they’re asset positive.

Type 4: Those who have made ‘massive’ decisions

These are people who have made significant decisions. They get to a point where they’re well-off.

Once you’re aware and you understand where you are currently at, next thing to consider is when do you plan moving up from one path to the next? Because making a decision is essential.

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