– I turned 51 this year and you know…… as you get a bit older, as you pass the 50 mark, people start to think, well you know, you’re getting a bit older.

It’s getting close to the halfway mark maybe. And you start to think about these things more than you used to, and I’m still building a business, I’m building a business and you start to think, I gotta hurry up. And it’s common, it’s quite easy to …..

And it’s common, it’s quite easy and it’s common actually, to start associating getting older with being less able, with becoming frail, with becoming sick. And I don’t resist that, I hate that. I’ve always had in my head a picture that I was gonna live to 120,

rightfully or wrongfully, true or not, whatever but I don’t wanna feel that way. I don’t want to think that way. And I was just coming, and I still ride my scooter to school with the kids. So, I don’t feel old but there’s still a thought process in my head. And I don’t want that. And I was just coming back from school and it’s up a  steep hill.

And there’s a guy clearly on in age, he’s on his bike, going up the hill and he stops he gets off, and good on you mate, I was actually trying to think, come on, keep going. But he got off and I thought, well, good on you.

You gave it a good shot. And I said to him, it’s a steep hill. And he laughed and he says, yeah, he says, I’m 86, he’s 86 and he’s still going up the hill on a bike. And all of a sudden I realized that instead of allowing these thoughts in my head, I need new role models. I wanna start thinking about Prince Philip that was 99, he’s still mobile and able, and was still doing active duties up until a few years ago. And this guy, riding up a hill on his bike at 86.

Those are the role models that I want. And maybe there’s a message in there for you as well. What are your role models and is it time to look at some new ones?

Thought for the day, hope that helped.

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