Here’s a story I love.

And I want to share it with you.

If you’ve got goals in your life which do NOT include becoming filthy rich then it’s super important.

Because hey, not everyone wants to be like Scrooge McDuck with a swimming pool full of cash. I’m one of them by the way.

And this story explains everything.

I didn’t write it, although I kind of wish I had because it nails it perfectly.

Let me take you to Mexico for a moment. 

Down in Mexico there’s this fisherman who pulls up at the dock in his small boat with a few tasty looking yellowfin.

And this big-shot yank strolls up to his boat and says …

“Hey amigo, how long have you been fishing for to catch these?”

The fisherman tells him he’s only been out for a couple of hours.

So the American asks him what he does with the rest of the time … to which the Mexican replies…

“I sleep in late, go fishing, play with my kids, and spend time with my wife. 

Then every night I go play guitar with my friends and enjoy a beer or two”. 

To which the American replies …

“I’m a Harvard MBA and what I think you should do is stay out fishing longer so you can catch more fish and sell them. 

Then you can get a bigger boat, and catch EVEN MORE fish. 

And when you sell them you’ll have even more money, and you can have your own fleet of fishing boats.

Then instead of selling your fish on the dock, you could open your own canning business where you control everything from catching the fish to processing and eventually selling them to the big supermarkets. 

Then, as your enterprise expands you can move to a penthouse apartment in New York and run your business from there. 

That’s where all the big businesses are run from. 

And I reckon you could do all this in as little as 15 to 20 years.”

“And then what?” enquired the Mexican. 

To which the Harvard MBA replied …

“Then you can sell your entire company on the stock market and it’ll make you millions.

“And THEN what?” enquired the increasingly flustered Mexican. 

“This is the best part! 

You can retire, move to a small fishing village, sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, spend time with your wife and in the evening you can relax with your mates over a beer or two playing guitar!”

Great story, right?


A lot of people think the reason to invest is to become filthy rich.

And if that’s your goal then hey, good for you.

However it doesn’t have to be this way.

And unfortunately, a lot of people never start investing because they believe (incorrectly) that the only reason to invest is to become filthy rich.

And they don’t want to be filthy rich.

You see, investing is a tool. 

It’s a tool to help you achieve your goals.

And while most people would love to be a multi-millionaire, for most people it’s not their #1 priority they obsess over.

For you it could be not having to work. Or at least dropping to part-time.

It might be being able to send your kids to a private school.

Or going to experience the world.

Maybe you’re stressed out over not having enough money when you retire.

(People’s life expectancy is going up and up, and while this is great news it’s also expensive).

Or you just don’t want to break into a sweat every time a bill turns up.

Perhaps you want kids but don’t know how you can afford to raise them.

So listen …

You don’t need to follow the Harvard MBA’s advice and go the whole hog.

You know what you want out of life, so use property to take you over that line.

Sure, if you want massive riches then I can help you with that.

However, if it’s a smaller change you’re dreaming of then I can help you with this too.

You don’t need 10 properties if you don’t want them.

Just one or two might tighten up a few areas in your life.

And this might be all you need.