I have a settlement tomorrow at 2.45pm.

House and land package. Been in the works for months now and it is finally over. Or so I thought……

Got an email from the clients solicitor at 12pm (shortly after followed by a call from the client) that there is a shortfall on settlement funds.

I did the numbers myself so I knew we were ok. Somebody has not accounted for something (unless the client spend the deposit funds on the new motorbike he has been talking about. ….Slight panic!….)

No, client has been good, no problem there. He confirms the money from the deposit funds has been used towards the land and the construction.

Now the dancing begins. Calls to the client solicitor, the bank, my relationship manager at the bank, the builder, the bank solicitor. What monies have been paid, to whom and can we get a receipt please. We need to settle tomorrow….

I think we have it sorted…..

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