Get a very sharp rate for your SMSF mortgage! We see too many people wasting hard earned retirement money on a SMSF mortgage with a high rate. That is not necessary!

Quick overview of what is available:

  • SMSF (Resi and Commercial securities) – LVR up to 80%
  • Loan purpose: Purchase & refinance
  • Rates: 
  • Established Houses/Townhouses: 3.95% (<60% LVR), 4.20% (<70%), 4.45% (<80%)
    Established Apartment:                   4.20% (<60%), 4.45% (<70%)
  • $495* Application fee, $695* SMSF review fee, $30 monthly loan service fee.
  • 30 year terms
  • Pre-approvals (even without SMSF Established)

We care about you and you want to make sure you get a good deal, keep as much money for your retirement as possible.

So if you have an SMSF, check what the rate is and if it is above 5%, BOOK an obligation free review!