We have several lenders offering loans above 80% without LMI. Some of the details:
Essential Workers Owner Occupied to 90%
  • Supporting today’s essential workers: Teachers, First Responders being Police, Fire Services, Nurses and Paramedics ONLY
  • Maximum loan amount $1M (no exceptions)
  • Only require $5,000 minimum genuine savings over a 6-month period. Additional funds to complete can come from anywhere
  • Rent paid via lease agreement can be accepted as genuine savings
  • Strictly for the purchase of Owner Occupied Residential property within Category 1/Metro and Category 2/Non-Metro locations
 Lender Paid LMI up to 85% Investor and Owner Occupied
  • Open to all applicants who can meet all standard lending criteria
  • Available for purchase and refinance
  • Maximum loan amount $1.5M (no exceptions)
  • Rates differ between Owner Occupied and Investor
Contact us today and find out if you qualify.