We are seeing so many business owners in trouble. We are getting so many questions about mortgage repayments and the banks. It can be very scary if you have a mortgage and your income has dropped.

And some people are worried about talking to the bank directly. Wondering if that is going to trigger something or affect their credit rating. So we thought it would be prudent to send out a message.

In short, if you are worried about your (mortgage) repayment, call your bank. There is a huge effort being made by the banks to support customers. From extra staff to deal with the questions to deferring payments, there is a range of measures available.

We have also decided to provide support. If you are still not comfortable talking to your bank or if your question is more of a general nature, please feel free to give MFS a call. We know the banks, we know what most are doing in response to the corona virus and are happy to help.


Erik Reurts – Micah Finance

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