Happy New Year!

Now that the holiday is over and most are still on the holiday high, I wanted to share how this particular client got her early Christmas present last December.

We see scenarios of all kinds, helping many different people, and as real estate prices are rising rapidly, many families want to help their loved ones enter the real estate market.

Take a look at this Christmas good news story that is about to unfold.


LVR under 60% – Favourable purchase.   Single mother had been renting her parents Investment property for many years and was now in a position to purchase the property.


The customer had salary sacrifice for a car – pre and post-tax deductions

The child was now over 18 so no benefits were received to assist servicing

The personal loan was affecting clients servicing position

Rental history was a tenancy ledger from the client’s parents, not a licensed real estate


Prime Full Doc – 2.23% under 70% LVR

Fee Free Offset Account

Consolidated clients Personal loan into the new loan

Pre-tax deduction is taken off Gross income and post-tax deduction is included as liability for servicing

Strong rental history to meet ‘capacity to repay’ – even though it was a private agreement, rent was paid on time every week like an agency agreement and was accepted

Full Short Form valuation due to not at arm’s length purchase

Docs were issued and settled just before Christmas! How great was that?

Holiday or not, we are here to help you find the best financial solution for you. Not everyone has the same needs and the same circumstances so BOOK our free consult call for us to give you a tailored solution.