Hi again, thanks for dropping by!

We created this page to help you get to know us a little by telling you a little more about us and our background.

This will answer the question, “Why you?” when it comes to choosing a mortgage broker (yep, there are a few of us out there!)

My name is Erik Reurts and I help Mark Williams & Imagine clients.

Here is some background on me and my team:
  • Mark does the tax returns & business planning, we look after our clients finance needs (purchases, refinance, finance structuring, development, …). We serve customers anywhere in Australia.
  • We are a team of 4 (myself, Jane, Juana and Milan) and we are passionate about delivering an outstanding experience to you. Finance has become very complex and we are here to see you succeed.
  • With 20+ years in finance and mortgages (including equipment, commercial and business finance), we provide clients with finance solutions which enable them to buy their dream home, build wealth and grow their business.
  • Being a full-time, professional finance team means we are reliable and committed to working with you to deliver the right outcome.
  • We created some page dedicated to first home buyers, see here and here plus some pages with investment information. See here and here.
  • We are proud of what our customers say about us, our google reviews are a great place to see those testimonials.

I hope that helps break the ice a bit…..


  • Erik Reurts
  • Business owner MFS