We use apps to fall in love, find our cars and even find out the best time to go to the bathroom during a movie – so it makes sense there’s an app for just about every aspect of money management. From budgeting and paying bills to blitzing discounts on purchases, here are some of the handiest apps to get you started.

Apps to kick money goals

It’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending on, so these apps show how small treats can add up to big financial leaks.

TrackMySPEND – Take control of your spending by tracking where your cash goes – from your daily coffee to … your fourth ‘daily’ coffee. It shows exactly where your money is being spent, and that’s a great foundation for reining in budget-busting impulse buys. And undiagnosed caffeine addictions.

TrackMyGOALS – Often people struggle to save because the goals and benchmarks aren’t clearly defined. With the free app TrackMyGOALS, you can set, plan, track and manage savings goals. And it sounds friendlier than TrackMyEXCUSES.

Budgeting made easy

Budgeting can be extremely dull, but at least it’s quick and easy with the help of an app.

Pocketbook – The Pocketbook app securely links your bank accounts, tracks spending and helps you set a spending budget for different household expenses. Pocketbook even helps you stay on top of regular bills with alerts when power or phone bills are about to fall due. Plus, you’ll be thankful when you can still log into the app using electricity that hasn’t been cut off.

Goodbudget – This app is based on the time-tested strategy of dividing spending money across different envelopes, with a separate envelope for various expenses. It’s a vintage idea with a digital twist, like watching Casablanca on Blu Ray, and it really works. Here’s looking at you, savings!

Apps for smart spending

Shop ‘til you drop (the cost). These brilliant shopping apps compare groceries and specials – so every shop will make you feel like you’ve just won Supermarket Sweep.

Wiselist – Create a grocery list, compare supermarket prices, and shop in-store or order delivery. It’s an easy way to guarantee you’re getting value with each purchase. Get your name on the Wiselist ASAP.

Shopsavvy – Use this app to scan a barcode when out shopping, and it’ll tell you if the same item is available for less at a different store. Save some coin, but more importantly, save your feet the effort.

Grow investments effortlessly

Did we lose you at ‘investments’? No? Good. Use the savings you’ve pocketed from budgeting and spending apps to kickstart an investment portfolio.

Raiz – (formerly Acorns), Raiz automatically rounds up and invests the small change on debit card purchases, taking you a step closer to personal goals without you noticing the small transactions. This means coffees can now pay for more coffees. Game changer.

Stocklight – Stay up to date with investment markets on the go. Find opportunities and keep your portfolio in tip-top shape no matter where you are. While this is more for your seasoned investors, it’s also a great way to dip your toe in the stock pond.

Banking apps

ME’s mobile app – With simple and bright navigation, and the ability to customise your accounts with colours and icons, ME’s app is worth checking out. Download or log in today to manage your money anywhere, anytime.

Flux – If you’re in the market for a home loan or any other type of credit, you’ll want to know your credit score. A higher score can help your loan application over the line. Flux lets you discover and track your credit score with tips to maintain your credit health.

Smart money management is all about making the most of every tool to get more from your money, and apps are a great low-cost way to do this. Mix and match apps depending on where you’re at financially – and look a lot more grown up on your phone than the Candy Crush days.