How to save hundreds of dollars on your mortgage every month

Maria was able to save over $2,700 each and every month

I have known Maria for a long time. I helped her get finance for her first investment property, the homeloan and more. However, over the last two years some loans had come off Interest only, the structure was not most suited anymore and some rates had creeped up.

Time for a check up and tune! We got together and looked at the current situation. We build a portfolio overview, did a report on each of the properties and analyzed cash flow. From that we created a new plan that we believed would work much better. Better asset allocation, better rates, better structure (allowing for a quicker payment plan for the home loan) etc.

A full service, not just an oil change. Sometimes you just need to go under the hood properly and rebuild the thing (apologies for the car metaphors). But the end result? Maria is now enjoying $2,704 extra in her pocket every month! For exactly the same loan amounts and features. No loss in performance (there is that car reference again, just can’t help myself….)

That is an extra $32,448 each year. That will help her pay her mortgage off 10 years earlier.

I get excited when I get these results for our clients!

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