A new style of Business Overdraft 

Every month, over $1 billion in new overdrafts are originated for small businesses in Australia.  It’s the second most popular form of business lending after a credit card and it aims to help you manage your cash flow better and build your business. And now it is even easier to organize.


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    One of our lenders has launched this as their latest finance product, the Unsecured Business Overdraft. This is an alternative to current -property secured- overdrafts and offers more simplicity, more control and more certainty for your cash flow.

    Improved access to everyday working capital 

    As a broker I have long been aware of my business clients needs when it comes to better cashflow solutions. In industries where you get paid on completion but your expenses are weekly or monthly (Solicitor or a Construction or Logistics or Recruitment) cash flow can be a real challenge.

    In the past this often got resolved by setting up an overdraft secured by the business owners own home. Most of the time through the bank that did the rest of the business finances. The downside of course is this puts the family home at risk. It is just an old fashion way for the traditional banks to tie you -the business owners- in with them. Making it harder for you to leave them.

    That is no longer necessary. A new type of Business Overdraft is now available. Not secured by residential property, not done through a traditional bank. Here are some of the benefits for you:

    • It can be linked to any existing business transaction account which means you are no longer tied to your traditional bank
    • It can be an unsecured loan allowing you to remove your home from the business
    • It can be for amounts up to $500,000
    • You only pay interest for what you use
    • It allows you to manage cash flow better

    Fill the gap with a better solution

    So, if you have an overdraft already, are you happy with it? Is it enough to meet your needs?

    If their answer is no and you are using a credit card to manage cash flow, or you feel held back by a lack of working capital, you now have a real opportunity to fix that. Call us today to find out more.