Oh Yes John, we are ‘Serious’ about INVESTMENT Lending!

We can consider up to 10 Years Investment IO Variable Lending without being Assessed again after 5 years like some other lenders!………Now that’s ACE!

Some of the details:

  • Servicing over 20 years. No Fixing, Must be Variable for 10 years
  • No age restrictions but if we might require an Exit Strategy. (For example; This can Include Savings, Current Super, Downsizing etc)
  • Self Employed is ok with 2 years Full Financials & NOA
  • Lending must be in an Individual/Personal Name


BUNDLE OFFER – Speak to me about INVESTMENT IO 0.20% further Variable discount if we get the OO and INV loans at the same times as a Re-finance or Purchase…..

Would you like to have 10 years Interest Only for your investment? Contact us today to find out your options.

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