Over the years, we have come across all kinds.
  • Builders that were happy to sell any investment (as long as it paid a big commission)…
  • Lenders who would approve any deal (as long as there was security so they could recoup their money when it went pear shaped)….
  • Brokers who would stretch the truth (if it meant getting the application approved)….

And so on…..

But it is a terrible way to run a business. It builds no trust, damages your reputation, there is no customer satisfaction, no repeat business and certainly no referral.

This is why our focus is on building a dream team. People and partners with a proven track record (PTR).

  • Need an investment property? Talk to our investment partner, they have a proven track record.
  • Need help with financial planning? Talk to our financial planner partner, he has a proven track record.
  • Need tax advice? Talk to our accountant. He has a proven track record.
  • Need a conveyancer? Talk to our …. You get the drift.

It is a non negotiable for us, it ensures our clients get the best possible advice which is the only thing that matters.

It should be a non negotiable for you too. Taking a mortgage or buying an investment property or planning retirement are all incredibly important decisions and each one has a massive impact on your financial wellbeing and future. Getting these decisions wrong usually costs tens of thousands of dollars and it can take years to recover from….

So don’t assume, don’t believe, and don’t let yourself get sucked in by the hype. Get emotion out of it and get the facts.