star trek

It’s interesting. I was thinking about my iPad just now and getting a bit frustrated because my hands were wet and I didn’t want to touch the screen…

This fabulous piece of technology right at my fingertips. Computing power far beyond what I could have dreamed was possible when I was growing up.

And it made me think. We watched the Star Trek shows when we were young and marveled at the gadgets they had without ever believing that the little screens they were holding and using to communicate and control the ship could ever exist in the real world. It was science fiction and would remain fiction (or so we thought) forever.

But it didn’t. We made those things and more. We created gadgets and devices and then some.

And something else happened in that process. No longer did we believe we could imagine something but not be able to build it.

You ask a kid today if he/she believes we will ever have hover boards or live on Mars and they will say yes, of course. They don’t have a problem accepting that things we don’t have now (say teleporters or time travel) will exist at some time in the future. This generation (though it might not be a generation but rather a “sign of the times”), is different from us 30 years ago.

Does this work just for technology or other areas as well? What does that mean for poverty, climate change, or living in peace and harmony with each other? It’s great to see prominent individuals (think Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Pierre Omidyar) make incredibly generous contributions to the idea of a better world. And I do believe it goes a long way to building faith and strengthens us in our belief we can achieve the impossible.

Let’s believe for people – those with great wealth and those with just a little – who want to leave this world a better place than it is today. That desire to build a business with a passion for serving people, kindness, being generous and giving more in value than we charge at its core. Let’s dream big and pursue it relentlessly.

If we do that, perhaps anything we believe can be achieved.

Interesting times indeed.