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What people say about us

Erik from Micah was a pleasure to work with. He stepped me through the whole process of arranging mortgage finance – looking at the features I’d need, finding the alternative offerings from each bank so I could select the one best suited, negotiating a better interest rate than the bank’s standard one, working with my conveyancer … everything from start to finish. He made the process simple and helped out when trouble-shooting was needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Erik & Micah, am very happy with the service they have provided.

Andrew - Sydney, Google review

Erik was amazing, would not have got the outcome needed without his dilligent, can do, relentless hard work. Erik is very smart and knows the industry in which he works, to his customers success and prosperity. Thank you.

Stephen Woodroff, Google review

Helped me figure out exactly what is needed to calculate my home loan rate.

Eric Semwenda, Google review

Great company, spot on advice, highly recommended!

Kirk Burgess, Google review

Eric has taken me out from a few sticky situations over the years . When banks fail Eric comes to rescue. Eric is highly precessional and is a solution finder. His can do attitude gets customer the best results. Highly recommended.

Arvinder Dhanota, Google review

I have worked with Erik for some years a while ago and found that he is a person of honesty and integrity .He is a great communicator and clearly explains everything to the client in a way that you can easily understand.

Brad Fenton, Google review
Peter Driscoll, Finance au
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