Kingdom developments is a develoment company based in Sydney. They offer opportunities for individual investors to get involved with property development. The investoor buys one or more shares and receives part of the profit on completion.

28/12/2021 “Growing Together”

1000+ Dwellings in the Pipeline

In the past 12 months, Kingdom group have acquired more than 300 dwellings. This brings the total portfolio to 1000+ dwellings (both completed and in the pipeline) with an approximate end value of $850M.

Completed Projects

Also in the past 12 months, Kingdom group, investors and partners have successfully complete and exited seven projects across Australia.

Kingdom on Amazon Prime TV

Kingdom Developments has accepted an invitation to be on season 2 of Amazon Prime’s No.1 Australian TV series, Luxe Listings.

Grow With Us

We invite you to partner with us in 2022. Click on the button below for information on recently acquired projects.