I am very passionate about money management, budgeting, helping people get better financial results.

It’s because I have seen the impact of not understanding money management. High levels of stress and anxiety.

The title of this page reflects what we do. Show you how to set up a structure that makes it easy to manage your money and have the bills paid on time, every time.

Then get a financial buffer in place for unforeseen expenses. The aim is: “to have your financial life running smoothly and with minimal effort so it does not cause stress in the rest of your life”. Life is complicated enough without your financial life stressing you out, don’t you think.

We should really be teaching this to our year 10 and 12 students.

They go from basically no income and no financial responsibility to a steady salary and regular bills. Why are we not showing them, teaching them how to do this effectively?

I write regularly in my blog about this so if that is of interest, follow me! There are also some resources and courses available. Contact me if you would like to know more.