There is an easy way to save money on your mortgage. And the best part is it can be done without the usual headaches:

  • NO changing bank or refinance fees
  • NO need for payslips or ID check
  • No credit card statements
  • NO waiting weeks to see if you qualify (and then more weeks to settle)
  • NO change in banking set up

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Case Studies:

1: $200/m savings

John had a Mortgage on an investment property as well as a home loan. The investment loan had seen some rate increases which John had not noticed. But when the interest only period ended John felt the pinch. His monthly repayments on the investment loan now totaled $1950/m and it was time to do something about it.

We quickly realised John had done well. Both loans were with good banks. By simply talking to the right people in the bank and making the appropriate changes to structure and product we saved John $200/m. The process took a week and John’s cash flow was back under control.

2: $1,600/m savings

Lyn had two properties, financed over two banks and four mortgages. Over the years, the rates had crept up, two fixed rates had ended and interest only periods had reverted to principal and interest.  Both properties were originally purchased as owner-occupied but were now leased. The debt structure was no longer optimum, and her monthly cost had increased.

We assessed her situation, and refinanced with a different bank and a new structure.  She is saving $1,600 a month, with the result that her properties are now positively geared and generating income every month.

3: $2,965/m savings

Serg and Denise had a Mortgage on their home and 5 equipment/car loans. Monthly repayments totaled $6,080/m. Cash flow was a struggle and it felt like they were making no progress on any of the debts…..

After looking at affordability, available equity and their plans, we recommended a debt consolidation loan with two splits that allowed them to save almost $3,000/m, help them pay off the equipment debt in the next 5 years AND save them $20,800 in interest over the next 5 years.